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The sharing economy brings anarchy to the supply chain

What will it mean for the supply chain if suddenly one out of every two drills is sold between consumers themselves or if three families share one lawn mower? The emergent sharing economy will fundamentally change supply chains. How are all those products going to get from one consumer to the next?

A fair sharing economy

The new sharing economy raises a lot of questions about legal issues, taxes, regulations and consumer protection. And we’re just at the beginning.

Eerlijk delen in de deeleconomie

De nieuwe deeleconomie roept veel vraagstukken op over juridische aspecten, belastingen, regelgeving en bescherming van consumenten. We staan aan het begin. begint met particuliere chauffeurs in Amsterdam. Airbnb, de website waarmee mensen hun woning kunnen verhuren, krijgt een speciale sectie voor zakelijke huurders.

Will Uber be the new DHL?

With urbanization, cities worldwide grow fast. Changing consumer behavior is leading to new requirement in final delivery. Local distribution will be more frequent, faster, just-in-time and much more complicated. Smarter cities sharing open data, and better software capabilities, create possibilities for innovation in parcel delivery services.