Sabic receives Netherlands Logistics Award 2011

SABIC was awarded the Logistics Management Association’s 2011 Netherlands Logistics Award for its project Adaptive Dynamic Sourcing for European Transport. The award, a silver sculpture with certificate, was presented by the Chairman of the Jury, Walther Ploos van Amstel Esq., in Amsterdam on 3 November following a meticulous and in-depth assessment and selection process.

According to the jury, the Adaptive Dynamic Sourcing for European Transport project (see PDF attachment) is an inspiring example of a mutually successful collaboration between a shipper and logistics service providers, during which planning information is shared proactively and operational processes are paperless and controlled. The project sets an example for transport-intensive businesses in the chemical sector, an important sector for the Netherlands and even seen as ‘leading’, but also for construction products, foods, container transport and agro-logistics.

During the assessment process, the jury spoke to some of the logistics service providers involved. These service providers were unanimous in their enthusiasm for the project and the collaboration with SABIC. They cited proactive capacity planning based on predictions, and paperless processes as key advantages.

By organising so-called ‘haulier days’, SABIC actively involves service providers in finding solutions for key issues such as safety, sustainability, loading/unloading, preventing empty kilometres and capacity planning; how can we achieve a better supply chain over a 10-year period?

In its final report, the jury concluded: “Supplying products promptly and most of all at low costs is one of the success factors for the chemical sector. SABIC shows how this can be realised in practice. Supply chain management has clearly been taken to a higher level at SABIC and makes a strategic contribution to the company’s success.”

“Summarising, the combination of the four elements of Adaptive Dynamic Sourcing in European distribution (tendering on an annual basis, tendering in the interim on the basis of Transport Requirements Planning, Loading monitor and xRFQ) is of immense added value for SABIC. SABIC has achieved demonstrable benefits; lower costs and a higher level of service.”

Raf Bemelmans, Director Supply Chain Polymers Europe at SABIC said: “This award is not only recognition of our state-of-the-art sourcing process for transportation, but also of 10 years of process optimisation and automation. It allows us to guarantee high service levels to customers by securing transportation in a volatile market.”

The 2011 Netherlands Logistics Award

Each year, the Logistics Management Association awards extraordinary performances in the field of logistics. The winner of the Netherlands Logistics Award receives this award for a clearly innovative project that has proved to be successful upon implementation. With this award, the Logistics Management Association wishes to encourage innovation and professionalism of logistics in the Netherlands. The crowned business must be a source of inspiration and serve as an example to other businesses. Previous winners include ORTEC, Philips Lighting, TomTom WORK, Heineken, the VanDrie Group, HEMA, IBM, Van Gend & Loos (now DHL) and Wehkamp. In 2010, the prize was awarded to ID&T.

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