Vertical farming company Growy selects CTPark Logistics City Hub Amsterdam for international expansion plans

CTP has agreed on a deal with vertical farming company Growy for 4,750 sqm of warehouse and office space at CTPark Amsterdam City, the pioneering 120,000 sqm last mile multi-layer building in the Western Docklands district of Amsterdam.

At CTPark Amsterdam City, Growy will build a full-scale urban farm for food production, and the office will house its international headquarters in a location close to Schiphol Airport.

Growy has developed high-tech, AI-driven indoor farms to grow efficiently high-quality leafy greens. The company is based in Amsterdam and has farms in Singapore and Kuwait. It aims to increase next-level healthy, tasty, and affordable food for all without burdening the environment.

Looking for a partner that could support its international expansion plans while reflecting its sustainable credentials, CTPark Amsterdam City’s location in the heart of the Netherlands’ central infrastructure, its proximity to a densely populated residential area, the amenities that are provided and the sustainability benchmark it will set for emission-free logistics, made it the ideal choice for Growy’s long-term commercial ambitions.

Growy’s 4,750 sqm lease at CTPark Amsterdam City comprises 3,578 sqm of warehouse space, 679 sqm of office space, and 477 sqm mezzanine, a considerable investment in space that will enable the company to construct a large-scale, commercial vertical farm, as well as its international headquarters.

Growy’s commitment to providing fresh, nutritious, completely pesticide-free produce matches its dedication to environmentally conscious practices. This includes the zero-emission distribution operations that Growy will be implementing at CTPark Amsterdam City and the park’s proximity to both water and road links, enabling Growy’s produce to be sustainably transported to the city of Amsterdam and surrounding areas.

Recently completed, CTPark Amsterdam City is a pioneer in modern last-mile logistics solutions that support city centers. The complex contains 120,000 sqm of storage and last-mile distribution space, spread over several floors, with next-level amenities, including a bus service to the Sloterdijk train station, restaurant facilities, security, a large roof garden, and transport over water.

Ard van de Kreeke, Growy’s founder: “Having the facilities to grow fresh, high-quality, and nutritious produce and the infrastructure to facilitate our emission-free distribution operations are essential for Growy’s vertical farm in Amsterdam. CTPark Amsterdam City does all of this, providing sustainable, cutting-edge solutions to meet our ambitions for environmentally conscious and commercially viable urban agriculture.”

Source: CTP


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