ICLEI: Roadmaps for efficient and sustainable city logistics

A project led by ICLEI (by Local Governments for Sustainability in collaboration with Despacio, Smart Freight Centre, and Zaragoza Logistics Center) helps develop roadmaps for efficient and sustainable urban freight transport.

The Ecologistics handbook offers eight principles that aim to inspire and support governments at all levels to transform their urban freight systems through collaborative efforts in stakeholder engagement, accelerating the uptake of practical technologies, and developing and implementing relevant policies and land use planning.

  1. Shift to alternative (light, electric) options
  2. Commit to safer urban delivery vehicles for safer streets
  3. Include land use planning for freight delivery
  4. Support consolidation strategies for urban deliveries
  5. Optimize efficiency for delivery operations
  6. Promote multi-stakeholder decision-making structures
  7. Create frameworks for climate-friendly business models
  8. Embrace the future of sustainable logistics

Check out the handbook here.


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