November 20: inspirational lecture at TIAS Nimbas

Decision making in an organization should go from ‘gut feeling’ to ‘fact-based’, motivated by data analysts, and especially faster and much smarter. A better service to customers requires better decisions in all links of the chain. Decisions in the supply chain must be coordinated, from head to tail. A single decision could determine the complete outcome.

How do you as a manager let the people in your team learn to keep ahead of your competition? The inspirational lecture on November 20 will focus on:

  • Real time information: real time decision making
  • Big data: improve the process
  • Coordinate, from head to tail
  • Focus on the decision maker: Train as you fight.


Walther Ploos van Amstel is affiliated with the VU University in Amsterdam. He has been working as management consultant for 25 years in the field of logistics, supply chain management and international distribution. He works together with TNO Mobility and Logistics and Slimstock Professionals.

Program of the evening November 20

18:30 – Welcome with sandwiches

19:00 – Inspirational lecture

20:00 – Information session program

20:30 – Drinks


TIAS Nimbas – Tilburg

Warandelaan 2

5037 AB Tilburg,  The Netherlands

For more information, click here.

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